A woman was thrown out of a car showroom – she was too poor to look around


There is an interesting article in the weekly news about an unpleasant experience by the 26-year old Marie from Hamburg. Soon this message became one of the most read articles of all top stories and was also widely discussed on social media. Thanks to this popular article the 26-year old Marie from Hamburg received the support she deserved.

Hamburg Marie is a normal young woman, age 26. She is a student with a boyfriend and she works part-time to pay for her study and to save some money. Marie has a peculiar hobby – she really loves cars which is rather remarkable for a girl who is 26 years old.

Every day Marie likes to learn more about the latest innovative cars and she likes to keep herself informed through social media. She has already acquired quite some knowledge with respect to the different car brands and their features but she wants to know more. Once a month she pays a visit to a car showroom nearby where she can take a look at the various models.

But during her last visit Marie had a strange and unpleasant experience. While she was walking around the showroom, 26-year old Marie was told to leave the premises. She did not know why she had to leave so she asked what the reason was. She was told that she was too poor to have a look at these cars from the dealer.

Marie left de showroom offended, agitated and shocked and went home. She was so offended that she no longer wanted to continue her hobby. But after her story was published it soon became very popular and Marie received a lot of support from various people. Especially the behaviour of the employee was condemned and called unacceptable on social media.

At the moment this story is still the most read article and still very popular on social media. Marie’s story still receives a lot of criticism and she still receives a lot of support from all across the world.

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