Dan Bilzerian plays a role in the Nithiin’s “LIE”!


“LIE”, the upcoming movie from the producer Nithiin is believed to be a movie of great standards and to achieve great popularity. Many of the movie’s scenes are planned to be shot abroad. Recently new headlines were posted from the producers as they managed to include one famous internet star in the project.

Dan Bilzerian, or also known to the public as the Instagram King is taking part of the project. The actor recently posted a photo of him and Bilzerian on his Twiter profile with the headline: “Thanks Dan Bilzerian for being such a sport and for being part of our film. You are a total natural!!!” Thereby Nithiin expressed his motivation and excitement to work with the King of Instagram.

Dan Bilzerian’s fans can’t wait to see how the Instagram King will cope with his new task- being an actor. On the social media, there is a lot of question that he daily receives from his fans, related to the Nithiin’s starter. Yet, the Instagram King focuses on his new job and tries to be as professional as possible, considering the fact that he is not a professional actor, but Poker Pro.

The movie crew is thrilled to work with the most famous Instagram celebrity and the whole team gives him an unconditional and unselfish support and help when it comes to acting. However, they think, as Nithiin already stated, that the most famous internet socialite is a natural and that he actually does not need much help when it comes to acting.

The public and his fans wait to see which role will Dan Bilzerian have in the movie. The movie crew already finished with the filming in India and now they’ll be staying in the USA for the next two months.

Hanu Raghavapudi is the director of the movie and the female lead role is played by Megha Akash.

source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/telugu/movies/news/internet-sensation-dan-bilzerian-roped-in-for-nithiins-lie/articleshow/58261069.cms

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